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● Beautiful Varnished Birch Ply Interior
● 40mm Insulated Walls and Roof
● 30mm Insulated Floor
● Special Comfort Flooring
● PVC Double Curtain Door
● Removeable Roof Panel
● Easy Replace Trims and Door
● 7 Colour Options


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“I have seen their products, I know they are excellent”

“Stands out from the rest!” “The Bee’s Knees!”

Pete Wedderburn, Veterinary Surgeon, Writer, TV & Radio Personality & Animal Advocate.

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Why do your dogs deserve insulated dog houses?

Do you get that guilty feeling when you are going to work or out for the day and your beloved dog needs to be disturbed from their favourite warm sleeping place in your home?

Being put outside for a period of time is no fun for an indoor dog or cat, particularly in cold or very hot weather. My name is Declan Brennan and this is why we created Pet Cosy Insulated Dog Houses. No matter where we looked, we simply could not find a high quality dog house which we would be happy to offer to our dogs when we were away for more than a couple of hours.

Our Dog Cosy is specially designed for indoor dogs who need to be outside for a while. Dogs benefit from the warmth inside and also the Special Comfort Floor which is great if your dog has joint issues or pressure sores etc. The floor is a specially made tough EVA mat placed directly over the insulation, tough enough to withstand paws and claws yet spongy enough to be comfortable and it softens further as it warms up. If your dog is outdoors at all times or only sometimes, you will not find a better designed and built dog house than ours.

Our Cat Cosy is also adored by cats for it’s the warmth and comfort.

Insulated Dog House Specialist

Our insulated dog houses are specially designed to keep your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. With pressure treated solid shiplap timber protecting a super-insulated interior.

We’ve worked hard over the years to develop a value for money product of which we are proud. We believe that Pet Cosy Dog Houses are far superior in terms of design, quality, durability and insulation standard to any other dog houses available today.

I urge you to please visit our Product Details page for more detailed information about our very special dog houses and cat houses.

Declan Brennan, Owner/Creator.


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