Affiliate Programme Terms & Conditions

1. The Pet Cosy Affiliate Programme is intended as a poster only programme.

2. When you register as an Affiliate, we will assign you with a unique coupon code. Your code will be written on a poster for you to display to your customers and we will courier this to you.

3. When a customer of yours uses your unique coupon code while making a purchase, it will be logged on our system as a sale originating from you.

4. We will require bank details in order to make payments for referrals you make. Bank details can be added to your account at a later date. All bank details will be saved in a secure format.

5. NB: Commission is earned from the second referral onwards, no commission is earned on a first referral.

6. NB: Due to our lead time and our 14 day returns policy, commission will be credited to bank accounts 28 days after a customer places an order with us.

7. Unless prior written notice is given, under no circumstances is it acceptable to write on, edit, change or add to our posters.

8. By registering as an Affiliate, you are not gaining permission to advertise or sell our products online. If an Affiliate is found to be advertising our products online, their account will be paid out and their code will be deactivated. If at a later date we decide to run an Online Affiliate Programme, we will notify you. We reserve the right to offer this permission to Affiliates of our choosing.

9. Pet Cosy reserves the right to cancel this programme at any time without notice. If we do so you will be informed within a reasonable time of cancellation.

The Pet Cosy Affiliate Programme allows 100% transparency for Registered Affiliates. Registered Affiliates have the ability to Login to their account and track the performance of their poster.

If you have any other queries regarding our terms and conditions please contact us.