Best Dog House in Ireland?

Best Dog House in Ireland?Best Dog House in Ireland

Pet Cosy is a 100% Irish owned company specialising in handcrafting Insulated Dog Houses. We believe that our Insulated Dog House is The Best Dog House in Ireland.

Our dog houses were born out of a genuine love for dogs and concern for their comfort. A Pet Cosy Dog House is designed with the comfort, safety and warmth of your pet first and foremost in our minds.

Why do we believe we make The Best Dog House in Ireland?:

  • 60mm walls. Wall, ceiling and floor panels are Fully Insulated.
  • Specially sourced and fitted Comfort and Hygiene Flooring.
  • We offer a choice of 7 Colours.
  • Quick release Removable Roof Panel, for your convenience.
  • The 50mm insulated roof panels are wrapped in Weather Proof mineral felt.
  • Every panel is sealed tight with a 10mm x 35mm heavy duty weather seal at the ceiling to wall joints and wall to wall joints and at wall to floor joints. This greatly improves heat retention compared to other dog kennels.
  • The weather seal also prevents the internal walls from touching a wet floor, allowing the interior to dry faster after a wet pet enters the house.
  • There are small drain holes in each corner of the interior floor to prevent water pooling after a wet pet enters.
  • All of our kennels come fitted with an *Internal & External (Double) overlapped PVC curtain door as standard, helping to create a super-warm interior for your dog’s comfort.
  • Adjustable Air Flow Vent depending on the season.
  • All parts are Replaceable, especially beneficial for puppy owners.

High Quality Dog House Materials

Best Dog House in IrelandAll materials are carefully sourced from companies in the Republic of Ireland. Each kennel is individually handcrafted using the highest quality materials possible, only the best for The Best Dog House in Ireland: 16mm pressure treated shiplap timber, hardwood ply board and 40mm insulation which is “CFC/HCFC free, rigid urethane insulation”. The “feet” on our dog houses are composite which will not soak up water. They are fixed to a super-material called “Tough-ply” creating a 100% water-proof base. We go one step further with the floor insulation. It is exterior grade 100% waterproof to prevent any possibility of dampness getting trapped in the floor cavity.

The Most Comfortable Dog Kennel

 Our Special Comfort Floor is a very tough EVA foam mat which has the ability to soften and warm with your dog’s body heat. This also has real health and comfort benefits especially for large breeds and older or rehabilitating pets.Best Dog House in Ireland

It is specially sourced from an Irish company, for the comfort and hygiene of your pet and is exclusive to The Best Dog House in Ireland. In its original use, the mat was used as a cow cubicle mat for wintering cows indoors. In this situation, the mat has a 10 year guarantee and although the manufacturer does not include our specific use in the guarantee, they have said to us that you can extrapolate from the guarantee that it will last equally as long in dog kennels. 

We use hardwood ply board on the interior walls for its natural ability to deal with condensation from your pets breathing. The wood wall panels do not come into contact with the floor mat. A rubber seal is placed between the floor and wall to prevent water from soaking up into the walls should a wet pet enter the kennel. This also allows the walls to dry out faster when a wet pet touches them, helping to keep the interior healthier, safer and more comfortable for your pet. The only dog kennel offering these amazing value for money benefits for your pet’s comfort. This is why we proudly say we make The Best Dog House in Ireland.

We truly believe we make The Best Dog House in Ireland, all feedback welcome. 

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