Chew Resistant Wooden Dog Kennels? Oxymoron Indeed.

Chew resistant wooden dog kennels would be fantastic as we have always favoured wood as the external and internal cladding material of our products. Wood is much healthier for your pet and provided we purchase responsibly, it is eco-friendly too.

One of the main negatives we get is “will my puppy eat it?”
Indeed puppies chew… a lot… and chew resistant wooden dog kennels have yet to be created.
Even if you ensure that your puppy has lots of chew toys, and is supervised as he/she gets introduced to the fabulous wooden kennel you have just spent your hard earned money on, there is no guarantee that there won’t be some “accidents”.

Chew resistant kennels

Chewy Puppy

The Pet Cosy Team have put some thought into chew resistant wooden dog kennels lately.
Our products are the very highest quality available and are an investment purchase. If you think you know of a better one please let us know, it means we need to try harder.
As with any investment, you will want to keep it in good condition throughout its life. What if your beloved best friend chews the corner off?
Until now, with all wooden dog houses, this would have meant permanent damage that you would have to live with until you replaced your kennel.

We may not have created chew resistant wooden dog kennels, but The Pet Cosy Team have solved this problem.

We have changed our assembly process to allow for easily replaceable parts on all the common/favourite chewing places. The corners of the walls, the facia boards on the roof, doorframe and the pvc curtain doors.

Watch our video on replacing curtain doors here:

As well as this, we now offer a panel refurbishment service. If your pet has damaged more than the replaceable part, we can have the panel collected, dropped to The Pet Cosy Workshop, repaired and delivered back to you in tip top condition.

Never again will you have to look at an unsightly chewed up dog house.

Another reason to buy a Pet Cosy Insulated Dog House.

Declan & The Pet Cosy Team.

Replaceable Corners Kennel

Replaceable Corners

Replaceable Facia on Kennel

Replaceable Facia

Replaceable Doorframe

Replaceable Doorframe

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