Dog Flap = Free Dog

PVC Dog Flap or Cat Flap

Our Double PVC Curtain Door was specially designed by Pet Cosy for our own dog houses.

This inexpensive and beautiful dog flap is now available for you to buy in our online shop.

It is suitable as an aftermarket dog flap or cat flap and recently we have made them for customers who decided to put their brand new Dog Cosy Insulated Dog House in the shed or garage and they wanted to put a dog flap door on the shed door. We have made them for customers who, when away, liked to allow their pet the freedom of coming and going as they pleased through a dog flap on the back door of their house into the back hallway, these customers had a large back hall with a second door inside which could be secured.

My own favourite use for our dog flap was when we made several of them for customers who took their pets to work and wanted their pets to have the freedom to move around between offices as they pleased, what a cool place to work!

Door Flap

Suitable for dog/cat flap door in many applications.

Dog Flap Door Frame

The Dog Flap Door Frame is 100mm deep, creating a tunnel effect and helping to protect against side draughts. The PVC Curtain is 1.2mm x 100mm PVC strips overlapped and then we double the heat retention by making another curtain door inside, that’s two dog flaps in one frame!

We are the only dog house manufacturer in the world that makes this dog flap door system for your pets comfort.

The dog flap is available in XS, S, M, L, XL and comes hand painted in a choice of 7 vibrant colours as per our Dog Cosy product.

An unpainted version is available for customers who wish to custom paint the dog flap frame.


XS: Entrance/exit, H 195mm x W 160mm. Opening required for fitting, H 250mm x W 197mm.

S: Entrance/exit, H 280mm x W 240mm. Opening required for fitting, H 335mm x W 277mm.

M: Entrance/exit, H 370mm x W 310mm. Opening required for fitting, H 425mm x W 347mm.

L: Entrance/exit, H 500mm x W 405mm. Opening required for fitting, H 555mm x W 442mm.

XL: Entrance/exit, H 610mm x W 450mm. Opening required for fitting, H 665mm x W 487mm.

Dog Flap

Our dog flap in use

Fitting Details:

The “Opening required for fitting” indicates the ope or hole size you will need to make wherever you are intending to use this product. This product comes with eight 40mm wood screws. The thickness of the frame through which you will fix the screws is 18mm, leaving 22mm of each screw to “bite” into the material you are fixing to.

Don’t worry if the material you are fixing to is less than 22mm thick, our design allows for this scenario, provided that the material is rigid enough, if in doubt phone us to check.

NB: Please ensure that the product will fit where you intend to use it.

Delivery Details: Nationwide delivery €5.

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