Dog House Accessories

Dog House Accessories is our latest category in the Pet Cosy Online Shop.

We plan to add some interesting, fun and useful dg house accessories over the next few months. Some dog house accessories we will make ourselves with our usual attention to detail. Some dog house accessories we will source from other manufacturers, because they are so awesome!

Our first product in our Dog House Accessories category is one of our own, and is a very cool dog house accessory for owners of our highly sought after Insulated Dog Cosy.

Introducing the Pest Proof Door Cover

Door Cover on unoccupied house.

Door Cover prevents unwanted guests entering unoccupied house.

This product was originally designed on request from a customer. Our customer was concerned that unwanted guests may enter her beloved pet Fonzie’s Dog Cosy when they were away from home. Well Fonzie can rest easy now, no uninvited guests will take up residency when he is hanging out with his humans.

The Pet Cosy Team have been discussing other uses for the door cover and asking existing customers. One suggestion we loved was for pet owners who put their pet out during the day. A particularly thoughtful owner said he would be buying a Pest Proof Door Cover. On colder mornings before he put his pet out for the day and went to work, he would always put a hot water bottle in the Dog Cosy for half an hour to help make the interior very cosy for his much loved pet. He said that he was always surprised how it held the heat and he would now use the Door Cover to help contain the heat and further warm the interior. What a lucky dog!

Pet Cosy wish to state that this is not a dog house door, and in fact is designed not to stay in place if pushed from the inside. Pet Cosy does not condone locking an animal into a dog house under any circumstances.

Finally, watch this space for more dog house accessories to help you and your pet get the best from your Insulated Dog Cosy.

The Pet Cosy Team.

2 thoughts on “Dog House Accessories

    1. Declan @ Pet Cosy Team Post author

      Hi Elizabeth

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Yes, we sell our Double PVC Curtain Door as an individual purchase, in fact we are currently in the process of adding it to our online shop, we hope they will be available online later today or early tomorrow.

      Here are the prices: XS €20 – S €25 – M €30 – L €35 – XL €40.

      As you see in the post above, we recently added a very useful accessory which may also interest you, it is called Pest Proof Door Cover.

      Here are the prices: XS €12 – S €15 – M €18 – L €22 – XL €26.

      Please email us using the contact form on the Contact Us page in the top menu. Please include details of your specific use for the Double Curtain Door and if possible include a photo, we will be happy to advise!

      Declan & The Pet Cosy Team

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