Dog House Cleaning = Happy Dog

Occasional Dog House Cleaning Increases Your Pet’s Comfort. 

This is our first blog post all about dog house cleaning. We hope you find it interesting and informative.

We have been making cosy little pet houses for a few years now and we are often asked about dog house cleaning by our customers. Occasional dog house cleaning and caring for your Pet Cosy Dog House interior (your pet’s living room, bedroom and occasional dining room) is an important part of getting the best from your investment. Depending on the surface in your garden or your pet’s outdoor area, cleaning your dog house can vary from quick light chore to a longer operation. For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume that your pet has a muddy garden to run around, the worst case scenario!

The interior flooring of every Pet Cosy Dog House and Cat House is a tough high density foam mat which is highly durable and washable making dog house cleaning easier. Blankets or bedding are not recommended as they can harbour damp, mould and parasites. If you prefer to use some bedding,; we recommend a fleece material known as “vet bed” which your vet should be able to supply. We recommend buying at least 3 pieces and rotating them regularly, washing and drying well each time.

Each house is designed with a removable roof panel for ease of access for the more intense dog house cleaning operation. However, we are aware that most people do not feel the need to remove the roof panel and simply mop the floor through the door. If you do want to remove the roof panel, it involves simply unscrewing the two 8mm bolts on the righthand roof panel, sliding down the panel towards yourself and lifting it away (by righthand roof panel we mean the righthand side of the roof as you are standing facing the door).

Dog House Cleaning

Dog Kennel Cleaning

We recommend keeping a mop and bucket for the sole purpose of dog house cleaning. We also recommend that only pet safe cleaning products are used and lots of hot water. Certainly no bleach or strong smelling industrial cleaning products. Remember your pets sense of smell is many times greater than yours, so too much cleaning products will make for an uncomfortable environment for your beloved friend. If your pets flooring is very heavily soiled, a light scrub with a wet deck brush will help to loosen the dirt before mopping.

Don’t worry too much if the interior walls get a little wet, they are prevented from contacting the wet floor by a rubber seal and they will dry out in a relatively short period of time.

Opening the vent on the back wall will help to dry out the interior faster, making your pets home more inviting to your beloved friend.

Finally, insuring to keep your pet free of parasites like fleas and ticks will also increase the comfort of your pets home. If you do suspect that your pet may have fleas etc it is wise to also treat the interior and any bedding you may be using as well as your pet. Your vet is the best person to advise and supply this treatment for your pet.

Happy dog house cleaning!

The Pet Cosy Team

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