Dog House Insulation – The Hidden Benefits

Dog house insulation has hidden benefits for your pet and for you. In this article we look at this and how we learned something new about our own product.

Today we had an enquiry about the soundproofing qualities of our dog house insulation. I must admit, even though it was a factor during our design process, soundproofing was down the list. I had not thought much about it for a while, dog house insulation for heat was the main focus when designing our product.

Our enquiry today was specifically regarding, how our dog house insulation would help dampen the noise inside the dog house during heavy rain. The concerned owner had in the past year purchased a new dog kennel made entirely (the roof too) of recycled plastic material with no dog house insulation. However, his beloved pets would not stay inside the kennel when it rained… It took some time for the pet owner to realise that the noise of the rain hitting the plastic roof was causing the problem, the poor pets were terrified of the noise when it rained. The owner told me he got inside himself and he was horrified at the level of noise.

Similar plastic kennel to the product mentioned above:—eco-choice-medium/187050174


What are the hidden benefits of our dog house insulation over a plastic kennel?

Firstly, having solid wood walls and 40mm insulation in the roof, dramatically reduces the noise level inside during heavy rain. I had an opportunity to test this today as I sat inside a Large Dog Cosy during a brief but very heavy rain shower which was accompanied by pounding gusts of wind. I have to say I was very happy with the comfort inside considering the extreme weather at the time. Whilst I have not yet had an opportunity to sit in one of these plastic kennels to compare it, I could imagine the noise level would be high for a human ear and terrifying for a dog’s sensitive hearing.

Secondly, our dog house insulation plus the solid wood exterior create 60mm walls around your pet as he/she sleeps at night, this can make for a more peaceful night for everyone. Most outdoor dogs (and some indoor :-)) will bark intermittently during the night, often it seems for no good reason, but you can be sure your pet hears some faint barking or other noise in the distance and is replying. Our design, construction, insulation and unique double PVC curtain doors all combine to dampen the sound inside our dog house. Your pet will sleep more soundly and bark less frequently when he/she hears less of those distant barks and howls. This point was made by a recent customer “Bobby” in a comment on a recent blog post:

Finally, there is another benefit of proper dog house insulation, which you may not know of. If you are a pet owner that prefers to keep your pet indoors, but have no choice but to put them out during the day due to work/other commitments, then you most likely let your pet indoors on a regular basis. The coat of an indoor dog can (depending on breed) differ from the coat of an outdoor dog because your pet’s coat will adjust to it’s environment. So, mainly indoor dogs will in fact feel the cold more when out and mainly outdoor dogs can overheat (and shed lots) if indoors with central heating. A pet that has a Pet Cosy Insulated Dog House will not have as much need to adjust its coat as the temperature differences it experiences will not be as extreme or over extended periods of time. This will help to reduce the shock of frequent extreme temperature changes and also help reduce indoor coat shedding in breeds that shed a lot.

We are happy that we discovered something new about our product today, we hope you enjoyed hearing about it.

Until next time, keep cosy :-)

The Pet Cosy Team

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