Dog House Insulated V’s Uninsulated?

Dog house shopping? An insulated dog house makes sense.

We are often asked different versions of “why should my dog have an insulated dog house?”.

insulated dog house

Recently we received a question on an advertisement we posted online:

Question: Hi, I was looking for a dog house for my Boxer. This is the first time I’ve seen an insulated dog house. Probably a stupid question, but is there any point in buying an insulated dog house? After all there’s no heater in the dog house for any heat to be kept in by the insulation.

Our reply: Hi, that is not a stupid question at all, in fact it is a very good question and we have been asked this a few times.The answer to this is also the main reason we started Pet Cosy to manufacture insulated dog houses.

Most dog houses available in pet supply stores have been made without insulation. These low quality imported dog houses are also in some pet shops/garden centres. They are imported from warmer, dryer countries and the wood is light/thin and often the floor will have slots in it “for ventilation” this is not good design. These dog houses are cheap to buy, look reasonably ok when new and lots of people buy them without realising they are totally ineffective in Ireland. In the same stores you may also find totally plastic dog houses, they are equally ineffective in Ireland and in our opinion they are completely unsuitable for anything except keeping your pet dry when it rains, if they are not terrified of the noise during heavy rain.

Some examples of ineffective dog houses are available to view at your nearest pet superstore, I have yet to see a quality dog house for sale in one of these pet supply stores.

There are some quite well made kennels from Ireland, using good solid materials (but without insulation), these will last a good deal longer than the imported kennels, but without insulation, draught proofing and proper flap doors, these too are ineffective in our very cold winters and our hot sunny days.
The insulation in our insulated dog houses literally insulates the interior from the exterior weather and in winter uses the dogs body heat to warm up and stay warm while in summer it will be a good deal cooler inside than out in the sun as the suns heat is prevented from warming the interior by the 40mm insulation. Our insulated dog houses also provide a safe shaded escape from the heat helping to prevent sunburn and sunstroke, our dog flap doors can be removed and the vent on the back wall can be fully opened to increase air flow during very hot weather.

Did you know? Dogs carry their own blankets around in the form of their fur, which (on most breeds but not all) thickens in winter, so simply providing an insulated dog house makes a huge difference to their comfort and safety.

Imagine, on a very cold day you were wrapped up in bed in a cosy duvet but you were in a flimsy garden shed instead of an insulated house? You would find it very difficult to sleep, stay warm and be comfortable in the draughty garden shed, but you would be cosy, warm and comfortable in an insulated house.

Currently, we are looking for small inexpensive digital temperature monitors, which will monitor both the internal and external weather and then send the info back to a display in your home. We would really like to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to monitor their pet’s comfort with a degree (pun intended :-)) of certainty that their money was well spent.

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10 thoughts on “Dog House Insulated V’s Uninsulated?

    1. Declan @ Pet Cosy Team Post author

      Hi Carmel
      Thank you for your interest in Pet Cosy.
      Here is the information you require:
      Medium Dog House dimensions in millimetres:
      Internal: Width 710 – Depth 960 – Height 770.
      Door: Width 295mm – Height 375mm

      You will find all this information and more in our online shop, click on Medium and it is under the “Description” heading.

      Carmel, please be aware we currently have an 8 week wait time due to very strong demand.


  1. Fintan Kenny

    Hi,we have 2 cavachon pups 8 and 9 weeks old – we think a medium size kennel would be big enough for them even after they get to full size – we were told about 12 to 15 inches high. Do you think this would be big enough for the 2 of them. Secondly you mention a temp monitor – have you progressed any further with this or we just being mad looking for something like this. We are first time dogs owners and fret that they might be too cold. Secondly we have done some research and see that some kennels in north America have heated mats – is this really required? Thirdly – if we wanted a medium one (red) what is the lead time (no pun intended) – I could collect some evening on my way home from work.
    Thank you for reading my long email.
    Fintan & Michelle

    1. Declan @ Pet Cosy Team Post author

      Hi Fintan and Michelle

      Thank you for your email :-)
      Yes our Medium Dog Cosy is ideal for your two when they are fully grown.
      We haven’t yet sourced an affordable temperature monitor that will tick all the boxes, we hope that we can have one manufactured in the future. I honestly don’t believe anyone is mad for wanting to be super pet owners :-). If your dog house will be placed close to your house and if you have wifi, I would recommend buying a baby monitor with a built in temp monitor, you can even get them with video cameras installed :-D the trick is ensuring to keep the electric cables well away from the pups! I would be happy to advise on this.
      Yes, heated flooring is great for our coldest nights, however our houses are extremely well insulated and your pups own body heat will keep them warm enough at all times. Heated flooring should only be used to preheat the floor before your pets settle in for the night, on our very coldest nights it could be left on very low. Again we have yet to source an affordable option, but I can advise you if you are concerned about Ireland having another extremely cold winter like a few years back.
      Our current lead time is about 7 days, this can be less and can occasionally be 10 days. Collections are always welcome.
      Declan & The Pet Cosy team

  2. Bobby

    I did get into Niko’s house to see how warm it was and I have been in it many times since, it is very cosy and always at a comfortable temperature just as you said it would be. As an added bonus the insulation also works as a great sound barrier! Niko likes to bark at every bird that dares to enter the garden, but he does it from his cosy dog house now :-).
    Would you be interested in making me my own little man cave?


    1. petcosyadmin

      :-D After our conversation we had a feeling you would get into your new Dog Cosy to try it out, it’s great to hear that you found it warm, if only dogs could talk they would be our best sales team :-D
      A man cave… we haven’t been asked that before, but we are often asked to “do you make these for bold husbands?” :-).
      Anything is possible Bobby, we will phone to discuss this.
      Thank you, we are very pleased that you and Niko are so happy with your Large Dog Cosy.
      The Pet Cosy Team.

  3. John Downey

    It’s nice to see when someone puts their heart and innovative ideas into something that truly benefits the end user as opposed to making a quick buck.
    Thanks again for our Dog Cosy.
    John, Evelyn and our very happy pet Ruby.

    1. petcosyadmin

      Thank you John and Evelyn, its more than nice when someone appreciates that I have put my heart into creating a dog house that is truly focussed on “the end user” (dog’s) experience. Whenever I am uncertain about a design element I have one rule that settles everything, “What is the best thing for the dog that will use it?”.
      Kindest regards

  4. Geraldine Lynch and Bobby Gaynor

    We bought a Pet Cosy for our dog, Niko In late September 2014. It is a lovely dog house and is a great size for Niko who is a big dog. The double PVC flaps on the front are brilliant as it allows easy access for him to come and go as he pleases. They also keep the rain and wind at bay. For anyone looking for a well insulated warm house for their beloved pet we would strongly recommend Pet Cosy.
    Very satisfied dog owner.

    1. petcosyadmin

      Thank you for your feedback Geraldine & Bobby, we are very pleased to hear that Niko is a happy dog :-) and you are a happy customer :-)
      We are wondering if Bobby got inside to “test” the dog house as we joked about? :-D

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