Dog Kennels Just Got Funky…

Dog Kennels and design have been on our mind a lot lately, but for a change it has been from the human perspective.
Over many years, our insulated dog kennels have been carefully and thoughtfully designed from a dog’s eye view, that is until a recent addition, colour.

Dog Kennels Got Funky

Dog Kennels Get Funky

Up to recently it had all been about dog kennel plans, dog kennel sizes, dog kennel panels, dog kennel flooring and of course dog kennels for sale, now we talk about colourful dog kennels.
Colour never made it to the design process before because it added no benefit to the dog kennel’s occupant and dog’s don’t care what colour their dog kennel is.
At first our dog kennels were only available with an orange door frame and Pet Cosy logo, but just recently we began to offer 7 different door frame colours with matching Pet Cosy logo.
Although this addition to our dog kennel features has been purely for the human eye, we have to admit the added splash of colour has given new life to the Pet Cosy workshop, team and product range.
Pet Cosy Dog Kennels just got funky.

Declan & The Pet Cosy Team


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