Insulated Cat House? Yes please!

Insulated Cat House, really?

Do you want to be sure your outdoor cat is as cosy as an indoor cat? At last there is a purpose built high quality solution for you and your pet.

We all know how our cats love their comfort, well now they can have that comfort in their very own Cat Cosy Insulated Cat House.
An Insulated Cat House will keep your pet safe and warm in winter but the insulation also keeps the interior cool in summer, giving your pet an escape from the sun on our hottest summer days.

Cats just adore the heat and comfort of our Insulated Cat House with its highly insulated interior. We have designed our products to ensure there is sufficient space inside for two smaller cats or one large tom cat. If you have two large tom cats or three or more smaller cats, then a Small Dog Cosy is more suited to your needs, we can even adjust the door size to suit cats.

We have also ensured there is enough space for two small dishes placed just inside the door on either side, this is ideal to protect food from birds, rain or sun and to prevent water from heating up in hot weather or freezing in icy weather.

Every Insulated Cat House comes with a double PVC curtain door as standard. If you wish, after you receive your Insulated Cat House you may choose to fit an after-market cat flap fitted like the very cool Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap.

If you still haven’t been convinced that your beloved cat needs an Insulated Cat House, here is a true story which happened to my own parents recently:

One very cold morning a little kitten appeared on the doorstep of my parents house.
My parents, both being animal lovers, took the kitten into the heat of their kitchen and fed him. They phoned around neighbours and posted on Facebook but could not find an owner.

The kitten seemed anxious to get outside again, so they decided to feed him outside during the day and take him in at night.
He was there for a few days and one day a neighbour from a distance away, phoned my Mother to say she heard we had a kitten and it was hers, they had been looking everywhere for him :-), they arranged to collect him that evening.

The kittens happy owner arrived, but the kitten was nowhere to be found… gone!

My brother had called in that evening on his way to work, he was working on roadworks at night in Wexford with my Father.
That night/next morning at 4am as my Father and his crew parked the machinery for the night, my father saw something under my brother’s car…

It was the kitten!!!

He had got up under the bonnet of the car where it was nice and warm and he had stayed there all the way from Kildare to Wexford!
Thankfully my brother never stopped anywhere or the kitten would have been gone forever.
He travelled back in the comfort of the car interior and was safely reunited with his overjoyed owners.

In my opinion there are two lessons here:

1. In cold weather, hit the bonnet of your car with your hand as you approach it/before starting the engine, you may save a cats life or prevent it from becoming a stray. I do this all the time, yes some people probably think I’m a bit odd, but I don’t mind as I have had two instances of cats running out.

2. Buy an Insulated Cat House for your cat so it won’t feel inclined to climb up into oily engine bays for some heat and comfort! Please!? ;-D

The Pet Cosy Team

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