Ireland, Maintenance Free Wood Dog Kennels?

Ireland has weather which can be challenging to wood. If you are looking for dog kennels that are made in Ireland, with wood that requires little or no maintenance, it is still possible. However, without some occasional treatment, the lifespan of wood products in Ireland is usually shortened. We believe our dog kennel design, designed in Ireland for Irish weather, may help to lengthen the lifespan of our 100% Irish dog kennels, even if they are not occasionally treated.

100% Waterproof Base

The main design feature which we believe will contribute to this, is the completely waterproof base. On the base of our wooden dog kennels we use Composite Decking for feet, this is attached to Tough-ply, then 100% Waterproof Insulation is covered by our Special Comfort Floor Mat. All this ensures, the external walls of the dog kennel are able to dry completely after rain and damp cannot rise into the kennel from the ground.

Ireland Needs Maintenance Free Wood Kennels

Waterproof piglet!

The Best Dog House In Ireland

Our dog kennels ship-lap exterior, sourced in Ireland, comes pressure treated and we treat every cut we make with a clear eco-friendly wood preservative, manufactured in Ireland. As with every wood product left outdoors in Ireland’s damp climate, a quick brush of wood preservative every 2 or 3 years would indeed benefit it, but it is not an absolute “must do”.
I have a garden shed for the past 9 years, which is made of the same material as our dog kennels in Ireland, I have never treated it, it is still in good condition. This is mainly due to when I was installing the shed, I ensured that the wooden base was not contacting the damp ground of Ireland, it is raised by waterproof feet, just like our Irish kennels.

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