Dog Cosy Small

mediumangle-960x1024The Small Dog Cosy is suitable for most small “Terrier size” dogs.

Sufficient space for two small bowls inside, great to protect food from birds or stop water freezing.

Dimensions in millimetres: Internal: Width 550 – Depth 750 – Height 570. Door: Width 240 – Height 290

Price: €330  

6 thoughts on “Dog Cosy Small

  1. Michelle

    Hi Declan, apologies if I’ve missed it but can you confirm whether the external surface needs to be weather-proofed on a regular basis – is it wood?


    1. Declan @ Pet Cosy Team Post author

      Hi Michelle

      Thank you for your query.
      The exterior surface is a high quality solid shiplap wood, it comes factory pressure treated from our supplier and you won’t need to worry about treating it, if you don’t want to.
      However as with all wood products, it would benefit from occasional treatment, if you wish to do so. A quick brush with a clear eco-friendly wood preservative every 3 to 5 years would enough. I can advise on the best product I have been able to find, we use it in our workshop, where we cut a piece of shiplap we treat it.
      Having said that I have a garden shed made from the same wood 10 years ago and I have never treated it, it is still solid.
      The key to this is making sure the wood can dry after rain, we use composite/plastic feet underneath so that the wood is not in contact with the damp ground.
      I hope this was helpful.

  2. Emily

    Hi. I am getting a chihuahua and a small yorkie and I am looking for an insulated home for them. I am not sure what size of house would suit them. They are small dogs. Can you advise? Thanks

    1. Declan @ Pet Cosy Team Post author

      Hi Emily, two of the tiniest dogs out there :-) toy breeds are quite delicate and can easily suffer from exposure, they are indoor dogs really.
      However, we think that two toy breeds would be fine in our Extra Small Dog Cosy provided that they are used to sleeping together, it would be nice and cosy for them to be together.
      We would also advise that if they need to be outside for a while they should also have coats as there is no guarantee they will stay in the safety and warmth of their Dog Cosy.
      Please email us and we will help you more.
      Declan & The Pet Cosy Team.

    1. petcosyadmin

      Thank you very much Shane :-)
      Thank you for your custom, we wish your pet many cosy years. If you use Facebook you can like us by searching for Pet Cosy.

      The Pet Cosy Team

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