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S Dolly, Co. Kildare, July 2015

Jessie got a new house today. Thanks to the team at petcosy.ie. We even got the sign in her special colour. We had to wake her she was so comfortable.

Dog Kennel


E. Nevin, Co. Cork, July, 2015

A very happy customer sent us this photo recently with the words “Lewis loves his Pet Cosy”.

Happy Dog


M Gleeson, Ennis, Co. Claire, April 2015

 Ralph “The tenant has settled in and is enjoying his new home”

Ralph enjoying his new dog kennel










Triona, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, April 2015

Hi Declan,

I wanted to thank you for the delivery and assembly of our pet cosy. We are more than delighted with it. The design and workmanship are as we had hoped they would be. Indeed several people have commented on the quality of the dog cosy.Our only ‘problem’ is in trying to keep our kids out of it so that our dog fully realises that the house is for her and not for them!

It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Many thanks again,


John & Evelyn, Ballinteer Co. Dublin, January 2015 

Hi Declan,

Just a quick note to let you know that we received delivery of the Dog House on Friday evening as arranged so thank you very much.

First of all let me say that it is a very impressive piece of craftsmanship.

I can see now why it’s called a ‘Dog House’ as opposed to a kennel as it is far superior to any kennel that we came across when we were shopping around for one.

It is a sturdy construction, very well built and most importantly well insulated.

When we first got our new dog ‘Ruby’ she slept in the garden shed at night with the door ajar. This was a short term arrangement until we could find a decent kennel for her.

We couldn’t help but notice how cold she felt when we let her in to the house each morning. This is the reason we wanted a kennel that was not only well built but also well insulated to keep her warm during the cold snaps.

We came across your website when we were browsing for an insulated kennel online and the rest is history as they say.

Now when we let Ruby into our house in the morning she’s every bit as warm as she was when we put her into her own house the night before!

We hope Ruby appreciates it as much as we do.

Thanks again,
John & Evelyn

Leah in Wexford, December 2014

I purchased a small sized Dog-Cosy kennel for my parents dog (Jack-Russel) and a medium sized kennel for my 2 dogs to share (Shih-Tzu’s) and am delighted with the products I received.
Over the years I’ve tried various different types of dog kennel (from plastic to wooden) and, in my opinion, the Dog Cosy Kennel is definitely the best I’ve come across.

Firstly, the kennels are way stronger and more sturdy than previous dog houses I’ve purchased (the last one i owned was so light that the wind kept blowing it over & dogs were terrified to go near it!). The quality of the materials used is excellent and as a result I expect kennels to last for years.
Secondly, the thick layer of insulation means that the dogs are warm and well protected in all weathers (so no more feeling guilty if I need to put them outside for a while on a cold day).
Finally, and most importantly, all 3 dogs seem to love their new houses. If I’m away, when I come back I always find them stretched out inside their kennel.

Also, on a customer service note: Pet Cosy were really helpful to deal with- he delivered kennels to my (and my parents) door and was also able to fit a clear plastic dog-flap door to each kennel before delivery no problem.
Sandra in Wicklow, August 2014

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for delivering our kennels. Have to say we’re absolutely delighted with them!

As you know I searched long and hard for a decent kennel for our two beloved mutts and couldn’t find anything that was solidly built or with even a trace of insulation – until I came across your Petcosies. So I can safely say there is nothing out there in the Irish market that comes close to the quality of workmanship or materials of your Petcosy kennels. They really are exceptionally cosy!

Now our guys are indoor dogs mainly, and they sleep inside every night, but if they are outside for a day they have their new kennels. Over the past winter I remember going out to bring in their blankets from their new kennels after a whole day of the bedding being out there in the cold, and being shocked when I stuck my hand in the kennel and it felt warm! and this was a few hours after the dogs had come in for the evening.

It’s such a relief to me to know that my two dogs will be warm and comfortable on the days we do have to put them outside. And I just wanted to say as well, thanks for going out of your way and being so accommodating to install the flap doors as per our special request. Given the workmanship and quality of the kennel, and how far superior the product is to what else is out there in the Irish market I have to say it’s very good value for money.

I wish you the best of luck with your business venture, I really hope that you make it a success. I think you have an excellent product on your hands.

Our very first customers Rebecka & Martin in Tipperary, July 2014

We had been searching for a properly insulated dog kennel for a long time, so many were only half insulated and other kennels I’ve tried (like the plastic and igloo types) created a lot of condensation and some let in rain too easily.

We were looking for something solid, the right size for our pets and warm. So we ordered a small kennel and medium kennel which fit our dogs perfectly, small enough internally to keep in the heat but big enough for the dog to move around and stretch out in comfort.

These are proper heavy solid kennels that won’t wobble about when your dog jumps in and out, and won’t end up blown halfway down the garden like some of the plastic ones did.

The kennels are better insulated than our own house and our girls are really comfortable.

Pet Cosy couldn’t of been more helpful and gave us all the photos and described the kennels in detail down to the nuts and bolts.

If you are looking for a warm, comfortable cosy home for your pet we highly recommend petcosy.ie.


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